As some of you may know (those who follow our social media) Harry and I recently got engaged - woohoo! It turns out wedding planning is a lot less stressful than TV makes out, and a lot cheaper if you can find ways around the overpriced wedding market. I know people are always looking for ideas (money saving and otherwise) for weddings, so I thought it would take this opportunity to share some of the wedding planning/crafting/ideas I had along the way. So....

Introducing Papio Press Wedding DIY's!


One of my first thoughts when I started wedding planning was about the decorations, and for me confetti is a big part of that as I'm a huge confetti fan - as you might notice from my Social Media photos. However, after some research into the confetti market, it became vividly obvious to me that there's some serious overpricing going on there. I mean it's just cut up bits of tissue paper right? How can it be £7 for a cupful! Easy solution - make my own.

So I bought 50 sheets of pastel tissue paper from ebay for £5, including shipping, all I needed was scissors and I was off:

Now I realise that you all know how to cut paper, but I thought I would just show you some of the time saving techniques I used to create maximum confetti with minimum cuts!

Step One: Separate one sheet and fold in half, then keep fold in half around three more times.

Step Two: Decide which of the long edges is the top, and then cut along the folds of the bottom edge, to reduce confetti pieces with folds in them.

Step Three: Decide roughly what size your confetti will be, and then start cutting strips from the bottom to the top of your tissue paper, leaving around 1cm at the top to hold it all together.

Step Four: Cut the other way! It's as easy as that. 

The best thing about making your own confetti is that you can choose your own colours & colour mixes. I chose a pastel theme for mine, and mixed it all up in a big bowl:

If you want to get really fancy you can even throw in a few metallic pieces - though be sure to check your venues policy on confetti, as some places will only allow biodegradable confetti, and the metallic papers aren't always biodegradable!

So there you have it! It took a couple of hours, but I did it while catching up on my favourite shows so it flew by, and I had gallons of confetti for only £5. AND I even had 30 odd sheets of tissue paper left to use for other wedding decorations - score! 

May 02, 2016 — Zanna Goldhawk
Tags: DIY Wedding