Wall Mounted Paper Organiser

I don't know about you guys, but I have many millions of pieces of paper lying on and around my desk at all times. No matter how many times I try to sort them into drawers or files they keep popping up again because I need some of them regularly. I've seen things like this online before, so I thought I'd have a go at making one with a few bits I had lying around, and photographed it along the way so you could all have a go too! So here we go...

What You'll need:

- a plank of wood (if you can't find one around, you can get one in a hardware store, try not to get one too big or heavy as you're going to mount it on a wall)

- paints (any kind, any colours will do! I used acrylic and those wall paint tester pots)

- paint brushes

- pegs (mini, or otherwise)

- strong glue (one that will glue wood to wood)

- large paperclips

- cellotape

- screw driver

- short/small screws (make sure they are shorter than the width of your plank or they'll come through the other side when you put them in!)

I'm a bit of a hoarder so I had all of this stuff in my house, but I think you could buy pretty much all of it in Wilko or B&Q for relatively cheap if you needed to!

Step 1. 

Paint your piece of wood! You can paint any pattern or design or colour on your own one of these. I went for an abstract theme, but a plain coloured one, or even a floral one would be lovely too.

Step 2.

Once your freshly painted plank of wood is dry you need to think about how you're going to attach it to the wall - don't put the pegs on yet!! as you'll probably need to turn it over and attach something to the back. There are probably many methods to do this, but I made up my own, mainly because I couldn't be bothered to leave the house and find a better solution. 

I chose to use large paperclips, but I had to tape the sides of them together to make them stronger and more fit for purpose. Below you can see one taped and one not yet taped side by side, and me taping one together.


Once you've done that you're ready to move on to...

Step 3.

Screwing the paperclips to the back of your plank! Turn your plank over and measure and mark about 5cm in from each end of your plank. Before you put the screws in, just double check that they're short enough that they won't come out the other side of the plank. 

Part of the reason why I chose a paperclip was because it would allow me to put two screws in to keep it firmly in place. Below I placed another paperclip next to the one I was attaching so you can clearly see whee the screws are going on them. make sure you leave the top loop of the paper clip just peeping over the top of your piece of wood.

Repeat this process on the other side!

Step 4.

Glue on the paperclips! You can pre-measure this or freestyle it, just glue them on! Just be sure to double check you're gluing them on the right way around.


Step 5. Hang it on the wall and you're done!

You can just use two little wall pins to hang this baby up as paper is super light.

You could also adapt this DIY for all sort of different things, adding in hooks etc. for whatever uses you might need!

Step 6.

Pat yourself on the back and have a party!

We'd love to see what you guys make, so please tag us a photo on social media (@papiopress) so we can have a peek!

Good luck all,

Zanna xo 


February 24, 2016 — Zanna Goldhawk