The Creature Garden Signed Book


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This is a hardback copy of The Creature Garden by Harry & Zanna Goldhawk, signed by both Harry & Zanna. You can request for this book to be dedicated to someone, simply write a note in the 'Add order note' box on your cart page at checkout.

 IMPORTANT: Due to this book being customised we have to charge for tracked shipping, please order it separately from any other items you would like so you don't get overcharged on shipping for your other items. 

The Creature Garden takes you on a step-by-step expedition through the natural world, teaching you how to draw and paint 50 animals in a whimsical folk-art style. Your guides on this journey are the husband-and-wife illustrator team Harry and Zanna Goldhawk, the founders of Papio Press, who will teach you how to make vibrant paintings of beasts—both real and imagined. Learn to create:

  • MAMMALS, including big cats, wolves, sloths, and red pandas
  • MARINE LIFE, including whales, sea dragons, narwhals, and giant Pacific octopi
  • BIRDS, including peacocks, cranes, owls, and flamingos
  • INSECTS, including butterflies, moths, bumblebees, and damselflies
  • MYTHICAL CREATURES, including mermaids, unicorns, and dragons
  • AND MORE! 

Each project takes you through every step of the artistic process, from creating an outline to adding a realistic animal pattern, along with suggestions for materials and helpful techniques. Full of lush warmth and fairy-tale wonder, The Creature Garden is a wonderful addition to the repertoire of both seasoned artists and novices alike.