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    We recently discovered the wonderful Heartmade website, and fell in love with the gorgeous zip bags, kimonos and weavings! Claudia is truly lovely, and when we contacted her to find out more about Heartmade it turns out she had  wonderful story to tell! 

    Tell us a little bit about yourself, and how your business started?

    I am Claudia, a graphic designer from Barcelona. When I was studying design, I had the opportunity to do an Erasmus in Kolding, a danish small town. That school and the passion that the other students had for handmade process helped me go back to my childhood, when I learned to knit, crochet and do many different craft project with my grandma. That's why when I came back to Barcelona I focused my final project into crafts, and the summer after finishing my career I started a handmade soap business with a friend. After a while we had to close the business because our life got busier. But a year after that I realized my life wasn't complete if I did not combine my design skills with my handmade passion, so I quit my job and I opened Heartmade blog with all my love and dedication :) Then, I started to sell my handmade products on etsy and in some local shops in Barcelona. 



    What inspires you & your products?

    My inspiration comes from what I love the most: from whales and traveling, to colors and flowers. Although I've lived in Berlina and Denmark, I'm a summer lover. That's why most of my products are colorful, juicy and summer inspired ;)



    Your weavings are stunning, and so unique! How did you get into it?

    One day I was walking by the old neighborhood of Barcelona and I found an old atelier with lots of looms. I came in and I immediately felt in love with that place, which actually reminded me a lot of my Kolding school. I started taking weaving lessons and after having learned the traditional techniques I developed my own style by combining different textures, colors and even doing mixed media collages.


    What are your dreams for Heartmade for the future?

     My dream is to travel around the world, and while doing it, learn and practice traditional handcraft techniques from everywhere I visit. I wish Heartmade can be the reflection of that amazing life, expanding the love for crafts and unique products and selling them worldwide.

    Find more of Claudia's work here!:

    instagram: www.instagram.com/byheartmade

    facebook: www.facebook.com/byheartmade

    pinterest: www.pinterest.com/byheartmade

    etsy: www.byheartmade.etsy.com

    website: www.heartmade.es