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    Little Nell Jewellery

    Tell us a little bit about how your business started?

    I’d been making jewellery for myself for years, just from odds and sods I’d picked up at the charity shop. Then I started sourcing pieces online and making it for friends too. A few of them suggested I start selling online and I thought, why not? It didn’t cost me anything to set up, and I just ran things in the background alongside my ‘real’ job.


    What's your inspiration for your work/products?

    I’m an accessories fiend! I never feel like I’m fully dressed without wearing some jewellery, and as much as I love a statement necklace, I wanted to create delicate a collection that would be ideal for everyday wear. There’s a big celestial influence with lots of stars and moons, and our hairwear collection is inspired by the natural world, so lots of woodland leaves.

    You recently started working for yourself full time, how have you been finding it?

    I love it! There are obvious pros and cons to working for yourself, (and having to do your own accounts is definitely not a pro!) but for me the good by far outweighs the bad. I was worried working alone at home would drive me mad, but you can be so much more flexible with your routine. If sitting at a desk every day from 9-5 isn’t for you, then you can mix things up. And when I’m sick of my studio, I head to one of my favourite cafes for a change of scenery.

    What's your advice to those small business owners who are yet to make that leap?

    Starting your own business is easy, I just saw it as a hobby, instead of knitting, I made jewellery, but quitting your job to do it full time is scary. I think you have to be really practical; work out the minimum you’d need to make each month to get by, always have a few months in the bank (you never know when you might need it), and think ahead. Make goals and plan the growth of your empire! It doesn’t matter if you don’t 100% reach your goals, as long as you’re somewhere along the way.


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