Our 5 favourites on Etsy this week:

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1. Delicious Macaroon Scented Soy Candle £4.80 from FableCandles

I've developed a sudden passion for handmade scented candles and these ones are amazing. They smell gorgeous, and come in really unique flavours with great packaging!


2. Santorini, Greece // A4 art print £20 from essillustration

I'm a total sucker for anything coral pink and blue, and this illustration is beautiful. There are a ton of great prints at essillustration, check out the shop!


3. 03:43PM Transparen Pink & Coral Marbling Watch £25.81 from May28thWatches

Harry is a huge watch fan, but even I can get excited about the lovely watches in the May 28th shop. They're totally unique, in some really great designs.


4. Clay Idol Lip Paint £15.88 from FatandtheMoon

I have trouble with dry lips so I'm always looking out for new lip balms. This one is 100% natural, handmade, with a little colour. A tad pricy but it looks with over 17000 sales in the bag I'm betting FatandtheMoon is quality stuff!


5. Plain Coral Mossery Small Notepad £3.97 from MosseryCo

I have a big shop crush on MosseryCo, all their notebooks are handmade and simply beautiful. They're great quality, for great prices in stunning colours - what more could you want!