• Lottie Woolnough-Rai

    Lottie Woolnough-Rai Illustration

    Tell us a bit about yourself? 

    Hey Papio Press! I’m Lottie and I’m from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. I’m currently living in Plymouth, studying at Plymouth College of Art and I’ve almost finished my final year there. My work evolves from a passion for nature, hand rendered type and pattern. Through exploration with considered mark making and paint techniques, I aim to create highly detailed and decorative images which I then make into a variety of illustrated products that can be practical or purely decorative. The things that I enjoy most are Wes Anderson films, moomins, wooly jumpers, museums, cats and the colour yellow.


    Whats your weapon of choice? 

    I use a lot of inks and watercolour in my work (Windsor and Newton is my favourite!). I also use UniPin pens for detailed line work. I prefer to use traditional techniques, but usually scan my images in and then tweak them digitally using Photoshop and my Wacom tablet. I also love screen printing and I wish that I could do it more often. 


    What are the main inspirations behind your work?

    I would say that the main inspiration behind my work is nature. I love the different shapes colours and textures of plants and flowers. I am also inspired by Tove Jansson and her work. She was so strong minded, talented and really was the most amazing lady. I recommend that everyone watches the documentary “Moominland Tales - The Life of Tove Jansson” it’s on youtube and it’s an amazing insight into her life and work!


    Could you share with us one of the most important things you've learned studying Illustration at University?

    Even though I have learnt about a lot of super important things such as copyright, digital skills, making products and how to self promote, I think that the most important thing that I’ve learnt at uni is to be confident in your work. I do find this difficult a lot of the time and I know a lot of artists struggle with this especially, but I always try my hardest not to compare my work to others or think about the flaws that I can see in my work. Whenever I do this, my ideas get stunted so whenever I get a new idea I just sit at my desk, run with it and draw and draw until I produce something that I’m happy with. I also find that showing my work on things like Facebook and Instagram is a really good way to boost my confidence because people are really kind and it’s nice to see how others perceive my illustrations. 

    See more of her work at: www.lottiedraws.com or on her Facebook (Lottie Draws) or Instagram @lottiedrawsstuff

    Or contact her for comissions at:  lottiedraws@gmail.com