• Artist Spotlight: Hannah Ziemke


    Hannah Ziemke Illustration

    Tell us a bit about yourself Hannah?

     Hi! I'm Hannah, a senior studying illustration at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Normally I wouldn't be able to choose between tea and coffee, but the recent change of seasons (i.e. the temperature has consistently been above freezing) in Minnesota has had me craving iced coffee! I must be having some sort of identity crisis because I recently realized that I don't know if I'm a dog person or a cat person. I would label myself as a lover of things, especially glitter, butter, and black shoes.

    Whats your weapon of choice?

     I love to work traditionally. Any drippy mediums feel good to me, specifically watercolor and gouache. I took an oil painting class during my first year at MCAD and was not a fan. I felt like I was frosting a big ugly cake the whole time. I also just discovered open flow acrylics (how did I not know about these?!) and have been experimenting with those. Of course, it's important to know your way around a tablet and Adobe programs. I don't do a ton of purely digital work, but I do touch ups in Photoshop and using my tiny Wacom tablet that I got in high school. It's a humble little thing, but it does the job.

    Whats your ideal job/commission?

     This is a tough one! I really like lettering, so probably something involving that. When I was younger, one of my dream jobs was to be the person who writes the milage on car windows at car dealerships. I also really enjoy making patterns and drawing botanicals, so if there is some sort of magical combination job of the three that includes health care, let me know. 

    Tell us the story behind the images you've sent us?

     The fish painting is based on fisherman slang.  This was a really fun one for me because I let myself go wild with colors. It was also my first time painting on 300lb watercolor paper. Please do this at least once if you haven't. It's awesome.

     The sloth illustration is the front of a greeting card that I made for personal use.  One of my favorite things to do is write letters, especially to my friends who live far away.


    Thanks Hannah, those were some awesome answers to our questions!

    To contact Hannah and view more of her work use the links below!