• Artist Spotlight: Liz Mytinger


    Tell us a bit about yourself?

    I’m Liz Mytinger a freelance illustrator/surface designer and licensed artist. Originally from a sleepy beach town in sunny Florida (US), I’ve relocated to Atlanta, Ga where I experienced seasons for the first time. I enjoy a mid-century aesthetic and I think that shines through my work a bit. When I’m not drawing or creating I enjoy visiting the woods and mountains which are still very new and magical to me. 


    What’s your weapon of choice?

    Everything I do typically ends up on the computer for the final stages. For finalizing in Photoshop I do minor tweaks and add textures using CS6 and a bamboo tablet I nicked from my boyfriend (since I like how it handled more than mine). Sometimes jobs require everything to be completed in Illustrator which I think has helped me minimize shapes to their core to create a compelling image. I love traditional media though, especially acrylic gouache.


    What’s your ideal job/commission?

    I’d love to work on a children’s book, especially if it were educational (I love science!). Fabric design is exciting too, as I grew up in theater costumes shops and sewing is a skill I’ve had most of my life.


    Tell us the story behind the images you sent us?

    The animal portraits are a fun concept I got to execute and are currently being licensed for wall art. I loved doing the research for the animals and figuring out the best technique for conveying the different textures. These were executed in pen and ink then colored in Photoshop. The fox girl birthday card was a sweet card I did for a client. The final product will have fun embellishments including tulle flowers and a real ribbon bow.  


    Thanks Liz!


    To see more of Liz’s work here’s her blog and website!

    Blog: http://lizmytinger.tumblr.com/

    Website: http://lizmytinger.com/